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Exhibition Displays

Curved or Straight Pop-Up Displays

Available as a 3x3 or 4x3 display, these have excellent build quality and are designed for multiple use, as you would expect. We can print single or double sided depending on your requirement.

Curved Pop-Up DisplayThese display units come with their own carry case, which makes transport to trade-shows and other events/locations easy.

The graphics are printed on to 430 micron lightblock material, a superb opaque material that is semi-rigid and designed for repeated use. The material is very durable and protects against minor damage such as scratches.

Footprint size - Straight
3x3: 2700mm (W) × 2295mm (H) × 320mm (D)
4x3: 3440mm (W) × 2295mm (H) × 320mm (D)

Footprint size - Curved
3x3: 2570mm (W) × 2295mm (H) × 720mm (D)
4x3: 3090mm (W) × 2295mm (H) × 980mm (D)

Pop-Up Carry Case Podium Pack

The Pop-Up Podium is designed to make use of the carry case that is supplied with the Pop-Up display. This turns the carry case into a podium by providing a graphic to be wrapped around and a wooden counter that sits on top.

The graphic is printed on the same material as the Pop-Ups themselves so you know it offers the same quality and durability.

Pop-Up CounterPop-Up Counter

The Pop-Up counter is great when you need something that provides both a work surface and storage. Larger than the counter provided with the Podium Pack, the Pop-Up Counter gives you that little bit extra in terms of look and functionality.

Comes complete with a graphic carry case to help protect your print during transport.

Size: 1372mm (W) × 907mm (H) × 530mm (D)

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